A little about Charleston Leaders…

Charleston Leaders was created in 2016 and has experienced incredible growth since then. We’re continuing to grow and is now one of the fastest growing leadership organizations in the Charleston Metro area.

Over the last few years we have seen a continued growth in small business and entrepreneurship in the Charleston, South Carolina metro area. With that growth comes the need to connect. Charleston Leaders offers emerging and community leaders a unique opportunity to be part of a group that has come together to make a positive community impact in the Charleston Metro area.

Charleston Leaders creates and identifies opportunities for business within the broader business community. Charleston Leaders provide an ongoing range of forums, events and introductions that result in increased business opportunities and sales growth for attendees. Unlike a simple leads and referral group, Charleston Leaders create unique opportunities to connect others with the right people to move their business forward.


To develop and connect professionals in the Charleston Metro area to create business, community and individual success.


To provide valuable and comprehensive opportunities for the development of professionals in the Charleston Metro area. This includes fostering professional growth and skill development through business and community activities. Charleston Leaders also provides unique social networking opportunities to help develop peer-to-peer relationships on both a personal and business level.


Leadership. Business. Opportunity. Growth. Community