I was born in Cuba and came to the US at the age of nine, during the 1980 Mariel Exodus. I wrote my story and it was published in the college of charleston website you can read it here…http://cubaonthehorizon.cofc.edu/memories-mariel-boatlift/

I married at the age of sixteen and had my first child at the age of twenty. Education was always a priority but I had responsibilities to take care of. It was not until I was 26 that I had the opportunity to go to college because someone offered to take care of my two young children in the evenings because I still had to work full time. Along the way I received my third blessing from above however still managed to get my bachelors degree in Accounting. At the age of 45 I found myself in a deep depression. My International Financial Analyst position was being eliminated, my children had all moved out and the life had built was collapsing.

After twenty five years in Corporate Accounting I decided it was time to take the reins of my life back and reinvent a new path. I knew that I wanted to help business owners grow their business by teaching them the the fundamentals of how to optimize processes and improve the overall productivity of their business. This is how IPS Accounting Services and Consulting was born today I’m the CEO of my own firm and I could not be happier helping so many people understand their finances and move towards their goals.