Be a Champion


a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.
“a champion of women’s rights”

A winner is someone who wins something. A prize, a title, a fortune, and so on. A champion is someone who defends things that matter, resonate, endure. We’re looking for champions. Will you help us lead Charleston Leaders and be that champion? What are those things? They’re not just objects, trophies, belts. Throughout history, the figures that we think of as true champions defend values.

So what are values? They’re not what you think they are. You probably think: values are whatever you think is worthy. “I like fast food, I value cheeseburgers.” That’s not what values are at all. Genuine values are what you think is worthy for everybody. What everybody should have, possess, obtain, own, inalienably, irrevocably, naturally, simply because they exist.

Values aren’t about you at all. They’re about everyone. Yet so lost are we in this age of decline that we’ve forgotten the most fundamental ethical idea of all, which is that a value is what makes life worthy. Our children are worthy of leadership, love and the opportunity to unleash their potential. 

We need leaders who will help us champion this cause. Be that champion for our community.

Lead today as a Champion in our community…

As a Champion, your annual associate membership is included and you also get special invitations to all quarterly and signature events throughout the year with no additional purchase necessary. It’s all-inclusive and you’re helping a student get Leader in Me at a school in our community. Take a look at what you get as a Champion:

Champion for Individual

Champion for Corporate


If you want small changes, work on your behavior; if you want quantum-leap changes, work on your paradigms. – Stephen R. Covey