With many years of entrepreneurial, turnaround, general business and corporate law experience, I work with many management teams and owners of businesses, providing innovative legal advice and counseling as they work toward accomplishing their strategic goals. I assist high-growth businesses manage their growth or turnaround their business or division so that sales management, financial matters, legal matters, management depth, capital availability, employee oversight, and other issues are managed for the increased benefit of owners. My assistance may include providing merger and acquisition advice for the buyers and sellers of businesses, taking over the operations of a business to improve revenue and cut costs, implementing zero-based budgeting, helping a company raise money from debt and equity sources, negotiating complex transactions, helping solve ownership disputes, and providing business, financial and legal advice on a daily basis. I have worked with businesses in many different industries including manufacturing, real estate, defense, medical, tech, logistics and other verticals. An overall goal is to help a company correctly and efficiently structure its finances, operations, ownership, management, and legal affairs so that the focus can be on the successful execution of its strategic and financial plan.