F22 Internet Solutions was founded 2002, in Los Angeles, CA. F22 is the brand of founder and CEO, Chris Endres. Endres had worked for several years in the graphic and web design business in Los Angeles before branching out on his own to start F22 Internet Solutions. He saw a need for a specialty boutique design firm that could focus on a client’s exact needs without missing the details that a large marketing or ad agency might. After several years in California, F22 was ready to move on to the next challenge. This is what brought Endres and his design firm to Charleston, SC.

F22 is a still camera lens aperture setting, which controls the amount of light that is directed into the camera. Our philosophy is based on this ideal, it is a functioning symbol of the clarity and precision with which we use to create the unique vision of each of our clients. In addition to our continued focus on exceptional design, F22 Internet Solutions also can handle your web-development and programming needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate the technical needs of our clients through our willingness to suggest innovative alternatives to commonly available internet technology.

F22 Internet Solutions helps businesses tell their story, build credibility and raise visibility through branding, web design, and online marketing services. Located in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Summerville South Carolina,  our web team boasts some of the best creative talent around, working in-house and one-on-one with you. We maximize the creative process through true collaboration, a personal touch and technical  expertise.