Director of Operations of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charleston at Ashley Phosphate and Holiday Inn Express & Suites at Hwy 78. Named General Manager of the Year for all Holiday Inn Express hotels in North and South America in 2010. Ashley Phosphate hotel is currently ranked in top 1% of all Holiday Inn Express hotels based on how our guests score us for Quality and Service.Founding Member of the Palmetto Military Support Group. The Palmetto Military Support Group‰Ûªs Mission is to be the nation‰Ûªs most supportive community of its military. This organization is open to any individual or business in the Charleston Community to join. Military Veterans have free lifetime membership. The PMSG affords opportunities for members to get involved, support, tour and learn about our Charleston Military. It is the only off-base approved Joint Base Charleston Private Organization. This distinction allows the PMSG to fundraise on and off Joint Base Charleston. It is a State recognized charitable organization, has earned its 501C3 IRS Non-Profit status and is in full compliance of the Air Force Private Organization Program