It’s a new year and we’re all excited for those new beginnings! Many of us have adopted resolutions. Some of those resolutions will focus on our health, our diet, and even our habits. As leaders, we have built a number of habits, but we also know leaders need to grow and evolve. So we look to form new habits. But how do you successfully build new leadership habits? Here are some tips from us to help you form these new habits!

The Tips

1. Focus on One Habit

We all want to improve, to be better leaders and people. The problem is that once we start identifying things we want to change, we can’t stop. Let’s face it; you can only work on so many things at once, so focus on a single leadership habit at a time. Make that one change the single focus of your efforts. Even better, take the larger habit and break it into smaller pieces, then focus on those one at a time. Focus leads to success!

2. Commit to It

The language we use is interesting. It impacts how we view and interact with our world. When it comes to forming new habits this is the same thing. Try this one simple thing. Instead of making a leadership habit, and its formation, a goal, make it a commitment. Goals are often not reached, but we make our commitments. Set yourself up for success with powerful language.

3. Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Making a habit takes a plan. You need to plan for what parts you will work on, the timeline, and for the obstacles that will come along the way. Plans are great because they let us know exactly what we will do in certain situations. So take the time to build a solid plan, and you will find that habit so much easier to form.

4. Be Accountable

Your goals will be hard to meet if you don’t have someone to hold you accountable. A great potential accountability partner is your mentor. Take the time to tell them about your new habit, your plan for forming it, and your timeline. Develop a system of accountability with them. When will you talk? How will you follow up? What will be the reward or consequences depending on whether you succeed or fail? Take the time for accountability and watch your habit form in no time.

We Believe in Leaders at All Levels

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