netGALAXY Studios is a mobile technology company based in Charleston, SC.  The company start officially in 2010, and has continued to mature into a full-service development company, serving a wide client base of local startups, regional entities such as school districts and police departments, and even large enterprises such as Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and the US Chamber of Commerce.

At netGALAXY Studios, we strive to serve the worldwide market of progressive-minded businesses by translating ideas for technological advancement into user-friendly realities aimed at business growth. As we fulfill our mission for our clients and in our community, we foresee empowered business owners who effectively engage with their customer base and who stay competitive in their market because they now have the tools, technologies, and confidence to execute their business strategies.

Mobile technology has had and continues to have a revolutionary affect on what consumers expect from their everyday exchange with businesses. Instead of referencing a book or a brochure, they will reach for their phones. Instead of calling, people now rely on a company to provide information and keep them updated  via their website or mobile app.

Business owners may feel like they have just adjusted to last year’s technology when consumers demand something new to keep them engaged and coming back.

Change can be hard.  That’s where we come in!