I am a graduate from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design, but focused on the Graphic and Interactive Design area. After learning of all of the vast, growing positions in the design field, I have had an interest in learning more about the field of User Experience design. My interest in the overall research process, structure, mapping of an application or program, and more importantly empathy to understand how to design to give the user a seamless experience has fueled the idea of that area of expertise as being one that I might like to pursue a career in.

I am a very patient, organized, family-oriented person who is open to learning new things. I enjoy helping people and learning more about them in order to be able to communicate and please them better in the workplace. I have always tried to form positive relationships with my employers, fellow employees, instructors and classmates, because I believe in always staying positive and looking for the best in others.