I help get tech products and services designed, built, and delivered to market – fast. I do this in two ways:

  1. I provide technology strategy, and product development guidance, bringing a unique blend of high-tech engineering knowledge, utilization of best practices, a vision for how mobile apps and devices can change the way we live and work, a strong customer focus, and a keen understanding of how to build and execute on a roadmap strategy for a great software product.
  2. I offer experienced mobile app development services for IOS and Android.

Over 25 years I’ve helped build and launch new businesses, products and services for my clients, yielding some of the most popular and widely used mobile apps. Working with companies large and tiny, from the likes of HP, New York Presbyterian Hospital, The Weather Channel, Xerox, Kodak, Palm and Polaroid, to the smallest of startups, my passion is providing teams with the necessary strategic technology advice and mobile application programming to help them launch successful products, gain early market traction, and raise critical funding from investors.

My Services:

* Software development / programming / engineering services to create your product or service
* Align technology strategy and product roadmap with your business plan to ensure market success
* Translate your business vision into executable software development plans
* Recruit and mentor your engineering team
* Lead distributed and remote teams with Agile methodologies
* Scalable systems that grow with your business
* An affordable “fractional” CTO as a trusted partner / advisor for you and your business
* Competitive analysis

Key Areas of Expertise:

* Healthcare / Digital Health
* Mobile Apps (IOS and Android)
* Client Server solutions
* Cloud-based platforms, software as a service (SaaS)
* Internet of Things (IoT) / Bluetooth / sensors
* Voice-enabled interfaces (ex Amazon Echo)