Fulcrum Staffing is committed to building relationships that last with our clients and our candidates.  For us, it’s not a numbers game.  It’s about doing what is right.

We believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and our candidates and we are going to get our clients the best candidates we have available or can find.  If our candidates are a fit and are interested a position we have, they are presented for the opportunity.  Fulcrum Staffing does not pick and choose where to send candidates if they are a fit for multiple positions.  We owe our clients the opportunity to review each candidate that we think is good.  And, we owe our candidate to be presented for each position that they are qualified for.  Because we are looking out for them, our clients and candidates build trust in our process. And, our candidates know if they become a client, they can trust us to handle the search process the right way, just like we did for them, with honesty and integrity.

Our effort is genuine, sincere and transparent. Unless it’s a confidential search, our candidates know what we know about our clients.  Our clients know what we know about our candidates.

We provide our candidate with guidance.  And we help them think through what they want in their search.  We will provide our candidates with guidance and consultation and we provide the same to our clients.  We often hear from our candidates that what we’ve shared or helped them with, no one else has done in the past.  Feedback from our candidates often says it all.  “Thank you for helping me in my search.  No one has ever provided me with that sort of guidance so I never understood.”

Not all business is created equal and so we don’t work with everyone.  We want clients that are ethical and if we learn a company is not, or that the company doesn’t provide a good work environment, we’ll pass for a better one.  Not all business is acceptable to us.