The yardstick Cheryll Woods-Flowers uses to measure her success as a real estate agent has little to do with her annual sales figures. The Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent prefers to assess her accomplishments based on the numerous satisfied clients she has helped in the past 16+ years. In all honesty, Cheryll never held a sales job before she launched her real estate career, but she was well-prepared for a profession where personal service can draw the line between success and failure. Cheryll points out that her 14 years in city government provided a solid foundation for her current career. Her resume includes six years as a member of the City Council and eight years as mayor of Mount Pleasant, one of the fastest-growing municipalities in South Carolina, in addition to a lengthy list of people-oriented community service activities.

“As mayor, I learned to communicate well and respond to peoples’ needs. In public office, especially when you’re sitting in the big desk, you really have to be able to respond in a timely manner to the concerns of the people you’re working for. I consider what I do not so much sales as taking care of people. That’s exactly what you do when you’re in public office,”

Cheryll, who sells all types of residential property throughout the Lowcountry, from Summerville to the coast, said each client is different and each has unique needs. She believes that each of them deserves exceptional service and is committed to provide it.