Adriaan Bouten is the CEO and thought leader on Digital Transformation with Digital Prism Advisors (dPrism). Having managed and ran digital transformation for McGraw-Hill, JD Power & Associates, USAToday, Congressional Quarterly and Hanley Wood to name a few, Adriaan’s unique expertise allows him to efficiently generate results for his clients from strategy through execution.

Mr. Bouten ( has helped generate hundreds of millions in incremental new revenue for many organizations, and has worked with boards, private equity groups, executive teams of companies and associations on the topics of Digital Transformation and the future of business in a digital age.

His company, Digital Prism Advisors, helps executives unlock the hidden potential of their organization in today’s digital ecosystem.

As a boutique consulting firm, dPrism helps mid-sized to enterprise organizations identify and execute digital growth opportunities through sound cohesive strategy, effective technology selection and digital process improvement. This results in improved market share, quicker and more effective time to market, and a more agile business to respond to market changes… ultimately improving the bottom line.