I moved to Charleston in 1998 and began my career at The Post and Courier in advertising. It was there that I honed a deep appreciation for living in the Lowcountry. I spent nearly 14 years with tremendous mentors and colleagues at the top of their craft. I learned so much about leadership and the community.

When it became time to move on, I chose another civic-minded organization, The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. My responsibilities at the Chamber as their Senior Sponsorship Director for five years allowed me the opportunity to learn about how companies perform at their greatest strengths. I met so many successful Organizations and entrepreneurs truly making a difference in our landscape.

I now serve as the Founder and Partner of Charleston Leaders. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to help create a platform where all types of businesses can interact with one another via organized meetings and technology. I look forward to new business growth and a vibrant professional environment for all.