It’s that time of year! Feasts are being prepared, family plans are being made, gifts are being purchased, and the holiday season is underway. There is no shortage of ink spent on the stressors that can arise during the holidays, both at home and at the office. What we don’t always address is the role of the leader in the holidays and how we can make this time even better for those in our organizations. We thought we’d change that. So here are our top 4 ways that you can give the gift of leadership in your organizations.

1. Be Thankful for Accomplishments

As the year comes to an end, you are provided with a unique opportunity to celebrate the people in your organization and their accomplishments. Take this time to show some gratitude and celebrate their achievements. Make it public and well known. Gratitude is a gift without value. Let’s face it, we all like to be acknowledged.

2. Be Realistic

Commitments often form the source of our holiday stress. We have commitments to our families and friends, as well as commitments in our businesses to others. Often we see an increase in customer/client service during this time of year, and everyone is just a little bit on edge. As a leader, you can help mitigate this stress by setting realistic expectations and keeping the focus on what can actually get done. This will help keep stress lower and, in the long run, create greater returns and satisfaction for everyone.

3. Be a Spirit of Generosity

This is the time of year when we embrace the spirit of giving. Leaders embody to the culture of their organizations and giving starts with you. As your organization goes about its annual philanthropy, embrace it fully. Be the first to volunteer. Give generously. Set the tone for your entire organization and give back to your community.

4. Lead By Example

The best way to lead is by example. People in your organization will take their cues from you. If you are stressed, they will be too. If you are happy, generous, and giving then you will find your people are the same. This holiday season take a moment to decide how you want people in your organization to be and then embody every one of those principles. The greatest gift you can give your organization is to embody and live the principles you want to guide it.

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